Repair and Maintenance
Connect PC Services are able to use their many years of experience in diagnosing and fixing PC and Network related problems.

Hardware/Software Installation 
Connect PC Services will install original software packages providing the software comes with its Certificate of Authenticity. 

Connect PC Services will install hardware including;
Scanners, Cameras, ReWriters, Printers, Modems, Memory, Hard Drives, Monitors, Sound Cards, Speakers, Adapters and their supporting software and updates.

Computer Installations and Rebuilds
Connect PC Services are able to prepare your new PC including installing and configuring required software and hardware components along with any required updates.  

Over time, computers suffer from a variable amount of slow-down due to a number of reasons, lack of hard drive space, too much software and programs taking all the system resources.  Whilst all of these items can normally be dealt with via preventative maintenance and regular servicing, a complete computer rebuild is usually the best way to restore a problem PC into a healthy usable PC. 

Hardware Upgrades
Connect PC Services can support you in the upgrade of your PC, from memory upgrade to full motherboard and processor replacement.

Backup and Recovery
Connect PC Services can install, configure and test our recommended anti-virus product on your computer. We will then run a full virus scan and remove any viruses found. We can also run a full scan of your computer to ensure that you use the Internet without being at risk. 

Wireless Network Installation and Configuration
Connect PC Services are able to install and configure wired and wireless networks. We will correctly and securely configure all your networks whether they are wired or wireless, paying particular attention to wireless security.

Where possible Connect PC Services will attempt to carry out the maintenance, upgrade or repair of your Computer with minimum disruption to your home or business.  In some instances it may be preferable to perform the maintenance, upgrade or repair at our local workshop, with your prior consent and authorisation.